Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Picture Frame Dry Erase To-Do List

I'm baaaaaaaaacckk! 

I hope you just read that the way I said it in my head. 

I've made it through the busiest 3 weeks of my year {so far...I have a few more busy weeks ahead}, and I have a super easy DIY project for you.  

Remember this frame I painted awhile ago when I made over that adorable tray?

Well, I turned it into a dry erase to-do list. You can use it as a message board, too. I just really wanted a place to write a weekly to-do list. Let me also note, that after I wrote the list on there when I completed this project, ::cough cough, a month ago, cough cough::, I never have updated it. Whoopsies. 

Anyway, it was super simple to through this together. 

I used a printable scrapbook paper as my background {from Karen Lewis Designz <--- so many cute and free printables!}. 

I love the old tea stained paper look!

I printed out 3 copies and taped them together to fit the frame. 

Since I was missing the back of the frame...ya know, the part that is supposed to keep the pictures, or in this case, papers stuck to the glass...I used a 1/4 piece of foam board for the back. You can pick this up at the Dollar Tree for, um, a dollar. 

Put it all together, and whatta got.....
{again I hope you said that the way I was thinking it}

an oh-so-sweet message board/to-do list. 

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