Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Five

(1) Want to get a head start on Fall craft projects. Check out 101 Festive Fall Tutorials. And while you're there, take a look at 101 Simple Handmade Gift Tutorials, to get a head start on homemade holiday gifts.

(2) Hubby will be so excited to know he can eat pizza rolls again. I love that these Homemade Pizza Rolls are made with my new favorite ingredient...wonton wrappers. 

(3) Loving this Phonetic Alphabet printable

(4) Made this No-Sew Super Hero Cape and Mask for Bubba. 

(4.5) He thinks he's The Flash...not that he even knows who that is.

Life Size Lego
   (5) Bubba's Halloween costume this year?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Boyschool - Letter Z

Everyone has headed back-to-school, which means Home Preschool has officially started for us. We dabbled over the summer with a few preschool packs here and there, but now we've gotten serious. With a schedule and everything. Craziness. I know.

Bubba decided he wanted to start the year off at the end of the alphabet. 

Letter: Z
Bible Verse: "For the son of man came to seek 
and save what was lost" Luke 19:10

Number: 6
Shape: Circle

Z is for Zaccheaus from Bible ABC's. We also read The Story of Zacchaeus up a tree, and watched the video Miracles of Jesus: Zacchaeus. Our song for the week - Zacchaeus Song {I thought this video was a little strange, but he loved it}.

These are a few of the activities he did using PreK Letter Z printables by Confessions of a Homeschooler:

Z do-a-dots
Zebra Lacing Card

Cutting Practice

A few of the activities from Z is for Zoo Mommy School Packet by Oopsey Daisy:

Making zebra stripes with electrical tape
Circle Snake with circle spots

Painting spots on the circle snake

These were a hit with Bubba the last time I made them. I love that I get to sneak a veggie in a sweet treat. 

This site is pretty fabulous; they have a TON of free printable work sheets. I used The Number 6 - count and color worksheet for this weeks lesson.

Trip to the zoo:
Zoo Scavenger Hunt (from Oppsey Daisy's Mommy School)

Z is for Zinnia:

I found an awesome book during our library trip - Kathy Ross Crafts: Letter Shapes.

Another idea from the book that we're using is an Alphabet Picture File. We'll be making an envelope, for saving pictures of things that start with each letter of the alphabet. 

Circle Toss:

I made circle bean bags that Bubba tossed into a couple buckets and his tube (that was tied closed)

This reminded me of a game from the Bozo the Clown show - ya know, the one were the contestants would throw ping pong balls into 10 buckets to win different prizes. Am I the only one that remembers this game? Or this show?

The first week went well. We'll see how the second week goes. :) 

Marble Coaster

Hubby had Monday off due to the threat of Tropical Storm Isaac (it hadn't yet turned into a hurricane). Luckily, Isaac passed us by; but with on-again-off-again rain showers, we were stuck inside most of the  day.

Hubby and Bubba spent the afternoon constructing a marble coaster. 

Really, Hubs did most of the constructing, and Bubba took a lot of breaks to play with his trains. 

Either way, Bubba LOVED the finished product. Three days later, he is still obsessed with the coaster. 

I found the idea in the September issue of Family Fun magazine. I tried to find a link to it on their website, but haven't had any luck with my searches. 

So, (straight from the magazine) this is what you'll need to make own of your own:

Heavy-duty paper plates
Cardboard tubes
Glue dots or Hot glue

For the track, trim the curved outer edge from several heavy-duty paper plates. Cut sections of various lengths, then overlap and tape the ends together to form one long twisting route. 

For the supports, trim cardboard tubes into graduated lengths, beginning with a half-inch tall and adding a half-inch to each subsequent support. Starting at the low end, secure the track to the supports {we used hot glue; the magazine suggested using glue dots to allow your child to reposition the supports if needed}.

Also, I don't know if it was because of the type of plates we used, but the boys had to add those flaps on the edge to keep the marbles from falling off.