Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stuffed Paper Bag Clover

For Valentine's Day, I intended to make this grocery bag valentine; but never got a chance. The days seemed to just fly by...

So I decided to try it out a 4-leaf clover for St. Patrick's Day.

If you made my Lucky Clover Bunting, then all you need is 2 of the paper clovers you cut out from the grocery bags. 

If you didn't make it, well, that's kinda not cool. 

No, I'm kidding. 

{Or am I?} 

All you need to do is trace this clover pattern on to a grocery bag, and cut it out. Then paint it, and let dry before using. I also mentioned in the last post that when the paint dries, the edges begin to curl. My solution was to place a few heavy books {my handy year books} on top to make them flat again. 

So, we all know that I am a novice seamstress. Because of that fact, I decided not to use my sewing machine to sew the pieces together like Camilla over at Family Chic did for her heart. 

Let me just say, that was a big mistake. Huge. 

I started working on this, like, I don't know, 2 weeks ago. I'm not a very fast hand sewer either.

However, don't let my lack of experience and slowness deter you from this craft. It really is cute, quick, and easy {if you use a machine, or sew pretty fast by hand}.

St. Patrick's Day is close! What fun things have you been making for the day?

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