Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Things

(1) I made {turkey} Cheeseburger Soup for dinner the other night. While, the weather here is kind of warm for soup, it still hit the spot. 

(2) I also made these delicious, garlicky croutons; I left out the rosemary - I didn't have any, and I'm not a huge rosemary fan anyway. Also, I used the crust from a whole loaf of bread {I would just save it in a bag in the fridge every time I made Bubba a sandwich, until the whole loaf was gone}.

(3) I've had to stop myself multiple times from consuming the whole bag of croutons at once. They are that yummy, and I am that in love with croutons. 

(4) These Cold Peanut Noodles are next on my list of things to make. {This gal has some seriously good recipes...I have not yet been disappointed}.


(5) I think I'm going to make a Child Training Bible

(6) I cracked the screen on my phone....what a bummer. 

(7) Luckily, it was up in the corner, so I can still use it with no problem; and I'm due for an upgrade in July...fingers crossed a new iPhone is released by then (or relatively soon after).

(8) Just add it to the list of all the things breaking around here. You can also add our pool filter to that list. I think we're up to 5 new expenses. Awesome. I love being a homeowner. 

(9) Future love birds.

Happy Thursday!

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