Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Somersaulting Leprechaun

Since I promised no more posts about strawberries, I suppose it's time to move on to St. Patrick's Day.

I found a way to combine my new found love of felt with my need to create imaginative ways to use a box of plastic eggs with this little craft.

You'll need {from felt} 2 of each (front and back)- shirt, pants, hat; 2 hands and 2 shoes, 1 black strip for the belt {I realize my belt is not quite long enough, I trimmed the shirt after I attached it}; 1 black strip for the hat; and 4 gold squares for the buckles. Also, a plastic egg, and large marble. 

Place the marble in the egg. Then, hot glue, or use double sided tape to attach the felt together and around the egg. 

He would probably look cute with a little red beard, too. 

Our little leprechaun has a little trouble flipping. I really should have used a heavier marble, but that one was all we had on hand. I think a stone may have worked as well. 

Happy Crafting!

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