Monday, March 5, 2012

Step by Step {day by day}

 As soon as I wrote the title, the theme song from the show Step by Step popped into my head, so naturally I had to add the {day by day} part in there. Did you watch that show? I loved it. 
I've finally made some progress in the Master bedroom. Now, I'm two steps closer to finishing!

Remember those doors I picked up off the side of the road?

With a fresh coat of paint {and a little distressing}, they now reside at the head of our bed.
(Side-note: the turquoise pillows are on their way out, I just haven't gotten to that on my list yet)

I tried to get a close up shot so you could see the distressing, but it just wasn't showing up in the picture the way it looks in person.

So, ummm, ya wanna come over and see it?

I also picked up a new sheet set from Target - grey and white print. The print is a swirly square thing - I like it, Hubs not so much {but he's just being difficult. he likes to disagree for fun}.

My dream is to have bamboo sheets {not these particular ones, but you get the idea}, but they are way more than I am willing to spend right now {not so budget friendly}; and my new sheets were on sale {super budget friendly}.

I'm still kicking myself for not acting faster and buying them on My Habit when I saw them on sale. I'm referring to the bamboo sheets, if I lost you.

I also made another this chalkboard, so Hubs and I can write sweet messages to each other.  He laughed at me. But I know deep down he thinks it's cute. He just has a manly image to uphold.  

It doesn't have a home in the room yet, hence the reason for being photographed on a chair. I have an idea of where it will go, but I need to gather a few more things for the wall before I decide on final placement. 

(If you are ever wondering what to do with an ugly old framed print/photo - now you know.)

My Master Bedroom Makeover list is slowly getting shorter! 


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