Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wonderful Weekend - Sick Kiddo

We've been stuck at home since Friday because Bubba has been sick. You know what amazes me about sick toddlers? They seem to have even more energy than when they are well.

Seriously! This kid was bouncing off the walls as he was hacking up a lung and shooting snot bubbles from his nose.

In an effort to not go completely stir crazy, I tried to come up with some fun things for us to do {when he wasn't sleeping or laying down watching Cinderella for the millionth time}.

Saturday, we made colored sand bottles - not sure if that's the real name for this little craft, but it's what we called it.

I used to love making these when I was a kid. I think I had like 5 or 6; and I think I even kept one or two in my "box of childhood memories." I'm kind of a hoarder, so I wouldn't be surprised if I kept more than that though. I remember one bottle was in the shape of a castle - that might have been the one I kept since it was my favorite. I'm compelled to climb up into the attic to find it, but Hubby's car is in my way {curse you stick shift!}. 

To make one yourself, all you need is sand, food coloring, and a bottle.

It would probably be best to let the sand dry first {after you add the color}, but I have an impatient toddler and this was a spur of the moment idea.

Layer the sand and replace the lid. 

As you can see, we used a funnel to pour the sand in. You can do without it, especially if the mouth of the bottle is wide enough. I was just trying to limit as much contact with the dye as possible, and the funnel really helped. It also helps to not make such a huge mess ... just some food for thought.

I super glued the lid shut so Bubba wouldn't dump out the sand. He likes to do that ... apparently, making a mess for me to clean is fun for him. 

So super glue = my best friend

When he wasn't looking, I threw in a few little treasures between the layers {see the white thing sticking out under the red sand}.

When we were done, I told him to shake it up and see if he could find a special surprise. He had fun looking for the shell, dinosaur, beads, and stone.

Then the fun wore off...

Soooo, we laid on the trampoline and looked for birds and airplanes in the sky.

Bubba took this picture. He said he saw a bird ... he has an active imagination. 

Hope ya'll had a wonderful weekend, too!

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