Monday, March 12, 2012

Easter Egg Maracas

What was I thinking?

Like this kid really needed something else in the house to make a loud noise. 

Remember my box of Easter eggs?

Of course I will save some for the Easter bunny to hide, but there is no way she (the bunny is a she in this house) will be hiding all of them; so I've slowly been thinking of uses for all of them.

I used a few for the felt eggs.

I borrowed some beans from the box Bubba plays with to fill a few eggs. 

Then, I glued them shut so he couldn't get them open and make a huge mess. 

Remember to let the glue dry completely before letting your little one play with them. I have to mention that Bubba grabbed them before they were dry and managed to pop one yea. it is worth mentioning. 

Even though they were glued shut, he still tried to open them because what is making the noise is far more interesting than shaking them, of course. 

Happy Noise Making!

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