Saturday, March 10, 2012

I ♥Felt - Felt Eggs

I've wanted to make felt food to replace Bubba's plastic food in his kitchen/shopping cart for awhile now, but haven't had the time to do so.

The other day, while thinking of different uses for the box of plastic Easter eggs I bought, I had the brilliant idea to make felt eggs to go inside a few. And, really, eggs seemed like the easiest food to start off making.

I did a little google searching, and found a whole collection of tutorials for felt food on Apartment Therapy. Since I was starting with eggs, I used the tutorial from One Crafty Mumma as my guide.

I used the template provided for the egg yolk, but decided to create my own stencil for the whites.

As you can see, I didn't use a sewing machine like One Crafty Mumma. I'm not so good at sewing anything other than a straight line, so I thought it would be quicker and less frustrating to do it by hand. 

Sew one side of the yolk, stuff, then sew closed. 
Sew 2 egg white pieces together.
I did give this one a try on the machine, but liked the hand sewn look better. 

 Finished product {sorry for the dark picture, it was night time}.

It was so cute how excited he was to pop open the eggs. 

Pretending to eat his cooked egg.

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(I can't figure out how to make this smaller, so if you know how, please fill me in)

Flipping eggs!

 I don't know where he has picked this up from {he's never seen me try to do that}, but I think it's so awesome that he did it...we'll see if he can flip real eggs one day {when he's older, of course}.

I also made the orange slices from One Crafty Mumma. I'll post those soon.

Happy Weekend!

Oh, and Happy Birthday to my amazing brother!!! Love you, Bear!

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