Monday, March 12, 2012

In the Kitchen - {Frozen} Yogurt Dipped Strawberries

I froze and entire flat of strawberries - 163 to be exact; so now it's time for me to start making some yummy goodness from the remaining flat. 

I started with something simple, that I had the ingredients for on hand.

Yogurt and strawberries.

That's all you need for this. Doesn't get any more simple than that.


Place on tray and freeze.

I had high hopes for the finished product. I mean, eating the fresh strawberries dipped in the yogurt was so yummy, they had to taste just as good frozen right?

Well, they do, sort of. They were rock hard when I took them out of the freezer, so I let them sit out for a few minutes before Bubba and I ate them. He actually ended up just licking the yogurt off, and leaving the strawberry. 

I think we'll just stick to eating the berries fresh with the yogurt - but it was a fun experiment. 

I'm not gonna lie though, it kind of bothers me when recipes don't turn out the way you expect them too. 

Image via Glamour

Like, really? Why couldn't mine turn out like that? What the heck, man.

Let me know if you have better success with this one!

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