Monday, June 11, 2012

Lots of Succulents and a Wedding

One of my besties, JJ, got hitched last weekend. 

And yes, you read that correctly...I just said "got hitched." 

She LOVES succulents. So it is only natural that they were incorporated into every aspect of the wedding. 

Succulents? At a wedding? Really? Oooohh, that girl's cray cray....

JJ and her mom, DD, made these bouquets together. JJ's looked very similar to mine (the one above), just bigger, because ya know, she was the bride. 

I promise they looked nicer the day of the wedding. I waited a week to take this picture, so they look kind of dry. 

The day of the wedding, JJ, DD, and I made these hair clips. The small ones were worn by the flower girls; and the large one was worn by the blushing bride.

They were surprisingly easy to throw together. I cut a piece of ribbon to go over the barrette and clips. DD and JJ trimmed the succulents down so they would lay flat. Then, I hot glued the succulents to the clips. It only took about 20 minutes to make them all. And the only reason it took that long, was because we were debating which succulent pieces to use. 

While I was hot gluing away, JJ and DD were putting together this boutonniere for JJ's groom. 

JJ and DD made the centerpieces. And each guest went home with their very own small potted succulent. 

 And, of course, the whole succulent theme would not have been complete without her cake being covered in large plants.

Obviously not succulents related, but I just had to include a picture of the groom's cake. Can you tell that he is a fan of Natty?

So there ya go. If you were ever wondering how to incorporate succulents into your BIG day, now ya know. 


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  1. Happy to know about your wedding and wedding party. Last month, arranged my cousin’s wedding at one of graceful Chicago wedding venues and decorated the venue with lovely flowers and beautiful ornaments. Everyone loved it.