Tuesday, June 12, 2012

DIY Wedding Day Emergency Kit

I put together this handy Wedding Day Emergency Kit for my friend JJ, to give to her at the bridesmaid luncheon the day before her wedding. I intended to make a cute little tag for it as well, but you know how I am. Maybe it will make it on Moni's kit in a few months...or not - we'll see. Either way, it is quite a handy little bag. 

JJ swore up and down she did NOT need an emergency kit. But, she was wrong. As I knew she would be. Which is why I made it anyway. 

Of course you can pick up a pre-made kit {you can also find M.O.B/M.O.G survival kits, bridesmaid's kits, and even a cute Hemergancy kit here}. Funny fact: I saw the survival kits I linked to on the Today Show the other day - while I was writing this. 

I'll be honest, making it yourself and purchasing it off of the website is about the same price. However, making your own version is much more meaningful, you can pack it with any specific products that your bride uses, and you can pick out a pretty cosmetic bag that you know your friend would like. 

Here is what I included:
Sewing kit
Small scissors
White chalk (for masking stains)
Clear nail polish
Blister protection
Pain reliever
Blotting Papers
Cotton balls and Q-tips
Emery board
Nail clippers
Lip balm
Lint Roller
Bobby pns
Small Mirror
Baby wipes
Wet Ones
Makeup remover wipes
Stain remover
Baby powder
Straws (so the bride doesn't mess up her lipstick)
Tampons/panty liners
Krazy glue (for shoe heels, decorations, even jewels, etc.) 

Not included in my kit, but equally important:
*Static-cling spray or (my favorite) Dryer Sheets
*Double-sided fashion tape
*Eye drops
Contact lens solution 
Extra earring backs
Smelling salts
Nail polish in the shade the bride is wearing
Hair ties 
Scotch tape
Safety pins
Linen handkerchief
Corsage Pins

I went through my house first, and found quite a few things on the list - including the snacks. Then, I went to Walmart's travel product section and found nearly everything remaining. What I didn't find in that section was in the surrounding area. I picked up the cosmetic bag at Target. 

I also created myself a "Matron of Honor Emergency Bag." Which included the dryer sheets/fashion tape/eye drops {mentioned above}, sand paper (to rub on the bottom of slippery new shoes), flat iron, hair dryer, headbands, a clothes steamer, and bottled water. I'm the kind of person that likes to be over-prepared...can you tell? You just never know what you might need. 

Although, we didn't use everything from the kits, they were EXTREMELY helpful for those unexpected emergencies. Moral of the story, don't let your bride try to tell you that she won't need an emergency kit....because she {and everyone else getting ready with her} will need it. 


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