Saturday, June 9, 2012

It's better than a real hammer and nails...

Such an awesome post title, don't ya think?

But seriously, golf tees, foam, and a toy hammer are wayyyyy better than a real hammer and nails. At least when it comes to my little guy...and this is coming from the person who lets her child play with just about anything in the house (with supervision of course). 

And it is at the very least 45 minutes of fun, with only 2 simple steps:

(1) Poke the golf tees in the foam
(2) Hammer them in 

Another don't have to worry about your little one whacking a finger with the hammer because the tee will stand up on it's own thanks to the foam. 

I helped Bubba make this (what is supposed to be a) fish design. We were doing activities related to fish/sea animals that week, so it seemed fitting. 

(Check out Rainbow Fish CD Suncatcher and Ocean in a bag for more fishy fun.) 

Then he just did his own thing, and proceeded to cover the entire piece of foam in golf tees. 

Whatever floats your boat, dude.


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