Friday, June 8, 2012

Fun Friday - Fort Building with my boys

I wouldn't call myself an expert fort builder, but this ain't my first time at the rodeo

I think I can throw a pretty decent fort together with a little rope, a few clothes pins, and a couple sheets....

We hung one piece of rope across the room, from the sliding doors to a closet door. Now I say "we," but let's be honest, I did the majority of the work - even with a capable 8 year old sitting in the room. 

He did help set up the two poles that held the other piece of rope. 

We hung the second sheet from the middle rope to the t.v. - that is conveniently located at fort building level. 

Then Finding Nemo became faaaarrrr more interesting than setting up our most amazing fort. 

{It would have been better to run a 3rd piece of rope over the t.v. though. I think the fort would have held up a bit better. But we'll save that for another rainy day sleepover.}

{certified fort contractor since 1993}

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