Thursday, June 7, 2012

All of Those Rainy Days...

Hurricane season is officially upon us...

With the weather not really cooperating with us, we've been stuck indoors a lot the last week. We usually get a small window of time to sneak outside, but it is short lived. So, here are a couple things we've been doing to keep ourselves entertained...

Small Objects and Alphabet Cards

This activity is done on a daily basis; but they really come in handy when it's raining. 

These items are just small toys we've collected from around the house. I've tried to represent every letter of the alphabet {I'm still working to find objects for Q, I, and X}, so that he can match the item to the letter card. However, you don't have to use the cards; sometimes Bubba just likes to play with the toys instead. 

Cardboard City

We've recently purchased a few small Lego City sets, and since I'm not ready to invest in the larger sets, I was inspired to create our own cardboard city. 

 So I whipped up a few buildings out of cardboard shipping boxes and cereal/cookie boxes. 

Then, it was time to put all of Bubba's emergency vehicles and rescue workers to good use.

The fireman rescued the lady off of the burning building....such a hero. 


I also decided rainy days are the perfect excuse to stuff our faces with cinnamon buns.

I'll confess now that these are not made from scratch. All the props go to Immaculate Baking Co. They are delish....go get yourself some!


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