Tuesday, May 29, 2012


You're probably thinking, "oh girl, you're updating another room when you still have the spare bedroom to finish?! Could you just finish a project already?" 

Oh. Wait. What's that? 

That isn't what your thinking? 

That was only the voice in my own head that I just heard?

Got it. Thanks.

I've shut the door to the junk room {aka spare bedroom/office}, and started going over my list of updates to the play area: 

- book storage
- better/more toy storage
- wall art
- paint table/chairs
- shelves 
- storage 
- shelves
- storage

You get the idea...  

I started by making these little shelves.

I found the pieces of wood up in the attic (score!); so all I had to do was paint them.

Then I used something similar to these shelf brackets that I picked up at Ace Hardware {my new favorite home improvement store...such a helpful place}.

With a little help from JJ, these babies were hung in no time. 

Prayers that I complete this project sooner rather than later are greatly appreciated. =)

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