Monday, March 19, 2012

Kids Prayer Journal

Do you keep a prayer journal? I recently started. It was one of my New Year resolutions. I bought this adorable journal, and absolutely love it! Exactly what a beginning journaler needs.

I recently saw a post on Play, Eat, Grow about prayer journaling with kids. Although, Bubba is still to young to write down his prayers, I thought it was a fabulous idea to get him in the habit of praying, talking to God, and learning that God is always listening.

I wrote versus about love, gratitude, grace, etc. on some of the pages. I read them to him, then let him draw his prayer. 

I made his pretty similar to mine. With just a few sheets of construction paper cut in half, a sheet of scrapbook paper for the front and back, and 2 rings to hold the ages together. 

He said he was thanking God for the bugs. I guess since I kill enough of them, he needed to thank God for the living ones. 

Thanks to Play, Eat, Grow for such a wonderful idea!

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