Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Arrival

This is certainly not going to be Hubby's favorite post. {Sorry, honey}

It's no secret that I am raising a little boy. And, while I always wanted a boy first, part of me is dying to have a little girl. Too dress up, have tea parties, play with Barbies and baby dolls. 

But this has nothing to do with wanting a little girl. This is about raising a little boy to be a kind, caring, compassionate, strong, sensitive man. A man that knows it's alright to have feelings, show emotion, and know that he won't be weaker because of it. 

This is what I told Hubby, when Bubba told him he got a baby.

Meet Baby {I know, not the most original name}, the newest addition to our family.

This was taken almost a year ago at a friend's house. Different doll, and well before we got Baby. 
I know some people get dolls for their little ones when they are expecting a second child. Let me be clear, I am NOT expecting. He just liked to play with dolls when he went to homes that belonged to little girls. Don't get me wrong,  he certainly played with the other {gender neutral} toys too. 

I didn't run out and purchase a baby doll right away though. Have you seen the price of dolls? I found one on sale at Target - the sale price was $12. Yea, I'm not spending $12 on a doll for a boy. 

After months of me talking about getting a doll, a friend {who has 2 little girls with a ton of extra toys} gave me a brand new un-opened doll. I have great friends, and they have great kids.

Now, Baby plays with Bubba's cars and trains, watches movies, and sleeps with him - occasionally. He doesn't carry her around all the time. As with all of his toys, he goes through phases of playing with her.

I know some folks are dead set against boys playing with anything too "girly," and that is fine. But, I see it as  Bubba learning about caring for another person - which is important {uhhh, I'm thinking he may have his own real live baby one day, not to mention we all should learn that it is important to act selflessly for others}. Saying things like, "Baby need to eat," "Oh, Baby need rest now," "I change Baby diaper." And, really, I don't get why it's totally fine for a girl to be a "tom-boy," but it's just horrible if a little boy shows any kind of nurturing, or emotional characteristics. {These are just my opinions, please respect that our views can be different}.

I really have no need to worry. If you have ever been around him for any period of time, you know that he is all boy. I know this is just a phase.

It's a phase I kind of like though. :)

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