Friday, March 23, 2012

Art Easel Face Lift

 I recently picked up an art easel for Bubba at a yard sale.

While he was certainly happy using it in the state we bought it in, I knew it needed some work. The chalkboard needed a new coat of paint, there were scribbles on the legs, and the whiteboard was stained. I also was not to thrilled about the multi-colors. 

So, I took it completely apart. That is the best solution, right? 

I primed and painted each piece. 

While the paint was drying, I covered the white board with felt, and added a new coat of paint to the chalkboard. I had pictures to show these steps, but someone deleted them before they were transferred to my computer. ::cough, cough, Bubba, cough, cough::

I love the outcome! 

The color is so much lighter and fresher than before. Not to mention that the colors go better with the decor in the house.

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