Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Case of the Muddy Footprints

Bubba picked out a mini magnifying glass while at Lakeshore Learning, and was quite obsessed with it for a solid week. We also, coincidentally, had randomly picked out Berenstein Bears and the Missing Dinosaur Bone book, the day before. So naturally he wanted to be a detective too. 

{Side-note: I sometimes randomly pick up books while at the library. It's hard to take time to look for a book, when this little guy is running in all directions. He hasn't mastered library behavior yet; at least he has the quite voice down though.}

While he was sleeping, I mixed up some mud, and made footprints on a couple extra-large sheets of construction paper. 

I used a couple different shoes, some dinosaurs, and a baby doll. I even threw on my own footprint. 

{Warning, this is mud, so it will, of course, get messy. Do this outside if you are that concerned. I conveniently did this project the night before kitchen cleaning day, so I knew my floors would get cleaned the next day, and I was not worried about the mess.} 

The next morning, Bubba woke up with his magnifying glass ready in hand - that's right, he slept with it. 

He studied the prints for a minute, then matched the items with  their print.

Then he got to make muddy footprints of his very own. 

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