Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Let's Talk Cloth

Even though Hubby was very much against it {I, on the other hand, had wanted to use cloth since birth}, we started using cloth diapers just after Bubba's 1st birthday. We switched for a few reasons:

(1) Cost - after figuring in the cost of washing and purchasing them {we bought most used - yes, you can buy cloth used, they are washed after all} it was just more economical to use cloth. Being a one income family, anything that can save us money is the best choice. 

(2) Eco-friendly - over 92% of single-use diapers end up in landfills (source). And even though we still use disposable at night, the more we use cloth, the more we are helping our environment. 

(3) They are just so stinking cute! - from the patterns on the fabric, to the way he used to waddle from the padding. Cloth diapers are just adorable. 

(4) Convenient - we never run out. Have your ever had one of those days when you go to change your baby and you realize that you are out of diapers, or only have 1 left? Yea. That happened to me once. Luckily, now all I have to do is throw his diapers in the wash, and we're all good. 

Choosing what kind of diapers to use is totally a personal decision, and I am by no means an expert. I personally think you really have to be committed to using cloth, because, let's face it, the whole world pushes disposable and kind of looks at cloth diapers as a weird,  thing. But I LOVE it; and I think you might like it too if you gave it a chance. 

Anyway, let me get to the point of this here post:

Do you cloth diaper? Do you want to help set a Guinness World Record?

 If you said yes to those questions, then this upcoming event is for you! 

At The Great Cloth Diaper Change, on April 21, 2012, parents around the world will attempt to break last years record for most cloth diapers changed at one time.

If you live in the Tampa Bay Area, then you should head down to Great Explorations Children's Museum in St. Pete, and take part in this awesome event! Last year 5026 babies were changed! Not only can you take part in breaking a record, but you will have access to the whole museum - so much fun!

While the event is free {a $5 donation is encouraged since the museum is being opened for the event all day}, you must pre-register to take part in the Great Cloth Diaper Change. Visit the registration website here.

For more info, visit the Great Cloth Diaper Change Tampa on Facebook. 

Don't live in Tampa, but want to participate? Go here to find a location near you!

No location near you? No problem. Go here to host a location!  

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  1. Awh, just saw this! Great review Karla! Hope you guys had fun at the GCDC! We were busy (and are only in nightime diaps now anyway) but what a great thing to support!