Monday, February 13, 2012

In the Kitchen - Homemade Butter

I saw this in either Family Fun or Parents magazine - making homemade butter with your little one - and thought it would be fun to try with Bubba. Of course I can't find the page I ripped out to tell you exactly where the idea came from. But I did remember the ingredients and steps to make it; so you're still in luck!

What you'll need
Mason Jar or Mixer
Heavy Cream

Pour the cream in the jar, and shake. 

That's it. 

After about a minute Bubba was tired of shaking, so I took over; and after 10 minutes, I was tired. Above, is the result of our shaking. 

So I threw it in my Kitchen Aid stand mixer for about 5 minutes. 

Strain the liquid and rinse the butter with cold water to remove any excess liquid.

In the bowl, underneath, is the fresh homemade buttermilk - I'm using this for the valentine's pancakes I will be making tomorrow. 


Homemade butter! 

But really, why would I stop there? 

Remember that Strawberry Honey Butter I talked about last Thursday?

I went ahead and tried out the recipe with my new homemade butter. 

{Helpful tip - spray your measuring spoon with nonstick cooking spray so the honey won't stick to it.} 

I think I did something wrong along the way, because mine didn't turn out like the picture on Half Baked. Too much strawberry mixture? Not enough butter? I'm not really sure. It still tastes yummy, it just didn't solidify like butter should. 

I'll definitely be trying it again after we go strawberry picking.

Bubba enjoyed the remains of the strawberry puree. Yummy.

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