Sunday, January 1, 2012

Resolution Tree

I thought this New Year's Eve Resolution Tree from Crafting in a Green World, was such a great idea, I had to make one of my own. {Side-note: I love this blog. It's all about reusing, repurposing, and crafting with eco-friendly materials! You should check it out}

We didn't use it for a New Year's Eve party like suggested in the post (mainly because we did not have one), but I love the idea for getting families to hang their resolutions so everyone can hold each other responsible for sticking to them. 

Little Man and I wrote down our resolutions (and Hubby's), and hung them up on New Year's Day. 

Lets be honest, I came up with Bubba's (aka Little Man - he has a million nicknames) resolutions for him, but they are definitely good ones. 

                                                                  "Be nice" <---- this one should be a resolution for everyone
"Stop hitting others"
"Stop throwing toys"
"Be a good listener"

All things he could stand to work on. 

We will be leaving this up for awhile to remind us everyday of the things we want to work on this year.

I also love this New Year's Manifesto

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