Sunday, January 1, 2012

DIY - Cloth Wipes

Many many months ago, I had this brilliant thought that we would make the switch from toilet paper to cloth wipes (also known as family cloth). I mean, we already cloth diaper, what's the big deal? I can use the wipes for changing Little Man, and we can use the wipes in the bathroom. Done and done.

Hubby disagreed. But, I bought the fabric anyway. I was determined to change his mind. 

It arrived, and I stored it in my fabric bin........then, I never looked at it again.

Until, the week after Christmas. I was running low on wipes for Little Man, and really didn't want to have to buy more (in my head I'm convinced he will be potty trained soon, which is soooo not the case); so I pulled out my fabric, and decided to get these wipes made.  

I started by cutting 1 yard of fabric in half. Then I cut each half into, approximately, 4x12 rectangles. You can make these any size you want though. I've seen most people make them in 8x8 squares. However, I found that I end up folding disposable wipes into rectangles anyway, so this size works the best for me. Plus, it made it easier to cut - not a whole lot of measuring; and I got the most out of my fabric. 

I don't have a serger, so I just used a zig zag stitch to sew two pieces of fabric together. 

I found it easier to sew a little bit away from the edge, then trim the fabric down. However, you can certainly sew right along the whatever is easiest for you. 

In all, I used, 1 yard each of the White/Brown and Brown/Pink, and not even 1/2 a yard of the turquoise jersey fabric (It really frustrated me, and found it difficult to work with...which might have something to do with me not using the right needle); and I made a total of 41 wipes. I would have had more, if the jersey would have cooperated. 

This is actually a very easy project. It only took me a couple hours to get all the wipes sewn. It probably would have taken me less time if my sewing machine hadn't given me such a hassle - most likely due to operator error...but, hey, gimme a break, I'm a novice seamstress, I'm blaming it on the machine this time.

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