Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oh, Sky Mall, You Kill Me

After suffering through the majority of my return flight {from a very painful headache that hit me out of no where...don't ya just hate when that happens}, I started flipping through the pages of Sky Mall to entertain myself for the remaining 30 minutes {keep in mind that this was a 3 hour flight...yea, so much fun}

And, oh boy, was I entertained. 

Seriously, could someone please tell me who comes up with these crazy products. And then, who is the crazy person at Sky Mall that says, 'Hey, ya know what? I really think we should put this in our catalog because I'm just so sure someone will be insane enough to want to buy it as they fly through the air.'?

Yoga Sandals.

Really? If you're that concerned about improving your posture, then I would suggest not wearing sandals at all. Just a thought though. 

Litter Kwitter.

Potty train you cat faster than most people can potty train their kids....for the bargain basement price of $49.99. I think that people can potty train their kids cheaper than potty training their cat. 

"Peeing Boy of Brussels" Fountain

If I wanted to see a little boy peeing by my pool, I would just have to look over at my son. 


I will admit that Sky Mall almost had me hooked on a few things.

This chair/step stool combo is really quite awesome....there have been so many times that I have grabbed a chair to stand on because I was to lazy to go get the step stool. However, I am not inclined to pay $150 for this....you lost me on this one Sky Mall. 

I kind of really love this sign...and I'm considering making my own version, that would cost me less than $25 to make. {gosh I'm so cheap, complaining about $25. seriously though, if I didn't think I could make it myself, then I would totally just buy it}

Oh and let's just take a second to note the ridiculous Cast Iron Giraffe Paper Holder next to this lovely plaque. I cropped it out of the picture, but there are a few rolls of toilet paper around it's neck. 

I think this necklace is quite cute. It reminds me of a Thomas the Train video that Bubba watches on You Tube. The song repeats over and over again to Never Never Never Give Up. Although, the video is pretty annoying, I do enjoy the message. 

Well, this completes our first installment of 'Oh, Sky Mall, You Kill Me.' Stay tuned for my next trip {I have plenty of them this year} to see the crazy things I find. 

P.S. Please let me know if you, or someone you know, has any of these things. It would seriously make my day.  

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