Monday, January 16, 2012

Furniture Makeover: Old Frames

I picked up these old frames at a yard sale for $1 each, and have been holding on to them for the right project.

I painted the large frame lime green to match the decor in my kitchen; and the smaller frame a neutral creamy white color (Mountain Grey - Olympic). When they were dry, I sanded over the paint to give it the shabby chic look, which I so love. Then, I sprayed them with a matte finish spray paint (Krylon).

I was inspired by this old frame (sorry, I can't find the original source). However, I wanted something that I could hang notes from as well, and I wasn't totally feeling the straight lines and wire. 

So I used jute twine, and criss crossed my way down the back of the frame. No rhyme or reason. I just kind of made up my design as I went; and I ended up criss crossing back up the frame to fill in empty spots. 

I just used thumb tacks to secure the twine. Press the tack into the wood, wrap the twine around it 2-3 times, tie a knot, {if needed} lightly hammer the tack down. I read somewhere to use nails, but Bubba was sleeping, and the banging was too loud (I certainly did not want to wake him up...I wanted to get my project done after all).

I'm not loving the blah-ness (not a word, I know) of the mini clothes pins. I'm thinking my next project will have to be jazzing them up. But I love the random old pictures I get to look at every day...most are random shots of people and things, but my favorite is of the Colosseum. My Great Uncle Bill took these photos, and I found them in an old metal tool box I have sitting in my living room. 

This one actually took me longer to finish. I think it was because I wanted each line to be perfectly straight and even. Such a pain! 

It doesn't have a home yet, but I'm thinking of putting it on the empty wall of our spare bedroom/office. 

What have you been working on these days?

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