Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Toddler Tuesday

Bubba loves taking pictures. Often, I give him our old camera and let him snap away. This is the result of those times....

"Hi there."

"There my feet. Cars shoes...vroom vroom."

"Ice cream truck. Yummy."

"Ebby. Haha. Yea. Ebby =D"

"Das (That's) moon game and crown. No, my crown."

"Haha [covering mouth]. Das me! My bike. I race. I fall down."

He obviously didn't take this one, but I just had to throw it in the mix. Bubba participated in his first Strider race over the weekend. He had a ball...until the practice, when he fell coming down a very big hill. He refused to race the main event, but he did finish the track during the practice. We're giving it another shot in a couple weeks on a smaller track though. 

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