Thursday, April 19, 2012

Small Objects A-Z

I hope ya'll have had a great week! With Bubba slowly giving up his afternoon nap (grrrrr), I have been falling behind in writing. Plus I have been so exhausted lately, that when he does nap, I am laying down with him. It's just been one of those weeks.....

Since naps are coming to an end, I've tried to find things to entertain this little guy. I did a busy bag swap with a friend...but those activities don't seem to hold his attention for very long. 

So I put together a bag of small trinkets. 

Most of the items I found around the house, and I tried to find something to represent each letter of the alphabet. Why we have "junk" like this hanging around the house? I do not know; but it has certainly come in handy. 

Some letters have multiple objects, and I'm still trying to find things for O, Q, U, and V {but I can just add those later}.

He absolutely loves his bag of trinkets. I love that he will play with the things for hours...WITHOUT ME. 

When I am playing with him, I'll ask him to find me things that are all the same color. Or start with a certain letter, which is still a bit advanced for him, but he does surprisingly well for the most part.

It's fun to see how he plays with everything. 

He made a little sensory box with water beads, a few of the sea creatures, and a pirate {of course}

 He walked into my room the other day with the wand and tiara saying, "I'm a princess." 

Whoopsies....we've been watching too much Cinderella; and maybe I shouldn't have included those objects. 

He also tried to fly like a bird and flapped the feathers around like they were his wings. It was pretty hilarious...I wish I had video of it. 

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