Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday Things

(1) I missed the Kate Spade Sale...bummer. 

(2) I told myself to go back and look through everything when I had a minute. But that minute never arrived. 

(3) Oh well. I probably didn't need to waste the money anyway, since everything in our house is deciding to crap out on us. Super. Fun.

(4) Such a brilliant use for a table.

(5) {I never thought I would be saying this, but...} I kind of can't wait for Bubba to be in to Superheros, so we can make this Superhero City. A-friggin-dorable is all I can say. 

(6) Bubba was fitting his nap today, so I put him in his room and shut the door {ya know, for quiet time}...

(7) This is where I found him 45 minutes later. 

(8) At least he's asleep. 
{Side-note: I'm very much against Cry It Out (he wasn't crying at all), and every time he called for me (2 or 3 times) I checked on him and asked if he wanted me to lay down with him. Just thought I should add that in, if someone stumbled upon this and thought that I locked my kid in his room and just let him scream (that is not the case, at all)}.

(9) Super cute printable from eighteen25.

(10) I have a new obsession with felt. So don't be surprised when you see a ton a posts about our felt crafts. 

(11) Someone loves Roseanne as much as I do {probably even a bit more so}. I didn't think it was possible. I love that "I Love Lucy" is also her favorite show. This chick is right up my alley. 

(12) Bubba and I watched this after reading the above post. So many memories. Oh Lucy, how I love ya. 

Happy Thursday!

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