Saturday, February 4, 2012

Valentine's Day Placemat

Now that the 1st of February has arrived, I can begin focusing on Valentine's Day. I think since Tampa has it's own holiday in January, I don't feel the need to do Valentine's crafts until February has officially started.

It's hard finding Valentine's stuff that isn't super girly for Bubba. While I love the girly, frilly things, Hubby does not appreciate me pushing girly things on Bubba..."He's a man, after all." {really? he's 2. He can be as girly as he wants}

I saw an adorable homemade valentine's placemat over at Katydid and Kid, and thought we should make one too .... so we did.

Bubba arranged hearts, that I cut out of scrapbook paper, on contact paper. 

It was kind of funny how he kept getting stuck.

This little craft was so easy for him to do ... however, it wasn't as easy for me to get the second piece of contact paper on without totally messing the placemat up. 

Lucky for me, you cannot tell from the picture how badly I screwed up. 

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