Sunday, February 5, 2012

Decor Redo: Candleholder to Soap Dish

I saw a pin on Pinterest, to use a cake stand as a hand soap dish. {sorry, for some reason I can't find the pin}

I have been searching for a small enough cake stand for a couple months now ..... and have yet to find one that is (A) small enough, and (B) cheap enough for me to buy it.

Then, last week, I stopped by the thrift store, and I found this little candle holder. It's the perfect little size, and was the perfect little price.

I used Krylon Dual Paint & Primer in red, and Krylon Crystal Clear Gloss Finish. {And, really, if I had already had the right color spray paint to match Bubba's bathroom at home, I would have only spent $3 on this whole project}

I really liked how it turned out. Except, I would not have a bar of soap to put there to take the photo .... but at least I had a couple small sample bars from the Conscious Box I bought last month. 

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