Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday Things

(1) OMGosh you MUST make this Crockpot BBQ Beer Chicken. Bonus, Bubba loved it, so give it a try on your picky eaters. After eating this yummy little sandwich for dinner...

(2) I definitely dove face first into the leftovers, eating it cold with tortilla chips, after Bubba went to bed. {he doesn't need to know his Mama is a compulsive eater}

(3) I picked up these frames from a thrift store the other day. Hopefully, someone gets around to painting them by the weekend.

(4) I'm so excited about what I just bought from Create Studio on Etsy

(5) Check out the Create Studio blog, because this gal is super cute {and creative} .... loves it!

(6) I seriously love free printables from The Paper Mama

(7) And seriously love these free chevron valentine's day party printables

(8) I may, or may not, feel totally sick from stuffing my face. So don't do that

(9) Or do, because that chicken is seriously amazing

(10) Would have been nice to have this last week .... need to make it for the future, forealio


  1. You are so funny! Making the chicken today hopefully......Yum!

  2. Karla, you are just the sweetest thing!! I hope you love your new envelope style cell phone case... it's on the way to it's new home! Thanks so much for your support! Hope you stop by again soon.