Monday, December 5, 2011

Wonderful Weekend!

We've had a very busy, and very fun weekend. I normally would have posted this on Sunday, but I was taking care of my friend's boys yesterday. And oh my, was that an event. Three boys (including Little Man) - 2, 19 months, and 4 months - are certainly a handful. I couldn't have done it without Nonna (my mom)! 

They loved the car (even though I wouldn't plug the battery in for them to drive).

I was quite surprised how well C did with the baby.

We made sidewalk paint too!

To make combine equal parts cornstarch and water with 5 drops or food coloring. I think I ended up using 6 Tbs of both. 

Unfortunately, this was not an original idea; I found it on my favorite site Pinterest (duh!). Check out the link, there are quite a few results for the search of sidewalk or cornstarch paint.

Little Man enjoyed it, for the most part; he lost interest after about 10 minutes though. The car was more appealing; I think mainly because someone else was in it.

Here is his master piece:

To back track a little bit, on Saturday, we went to Santa Fest, a local parade and festival to celebrate Christmas, with some friends. 

The parade was cute, and the boys loved getting the beads (can't wait for the Gasparilla Children's Parade now!). 

And it wouldn't have been Santa Fest without Santa ending the parade.

And since it's Florida, he had to arrive in a convertible (we also saw him on a boat, but couldn't snap the picture in time).

We had such a wonderfully exhausting weekend. Which is why we have layed low today. 

Hope you all had a great weekend (and Monday)!

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