Saturday, October 29, 2011

Play-dough Pumpkin

For Little Man's birthday, my amazing brother gave him Eco-dough by Eco-kids. It was probably the best gift he could have ever received! We make our own homemade play-dough, but this stuff takes homemade to the next level. The dough is made from all natural, non-toxic environmentally friendly ingredients; and I really feel good about C playing with it. 

Yesterday was a yucky rainy day; so, of course, it was the perfect day to bust out the eco-dough. We picked up this Little Man size pumpkin earlier this week at a Halloween event we went to. We couldn't carve it, and I really wasn't feeling painting it. So I was trying to think of different things we could use to decorate the pumpkin. 

While playing with the eco-dough, we were inspired to give our pumpkin a face. This was my side. 

And this was C's side. 

What a brilliant idea this was! Not a lot of mess, and lots of fun coming up with different faces. I let it dry over night, and now we have a cute little pumpkin (that will last much longer then our Mickey pumpkin that we carved last weekend)

Have you come up with any "new" pumpkin decorating ideas for little ones?

Also, among the many really cool products Eco-kids makes, we personally love their eco-crayons (another awesome gift from my amazing brother). They are handmade with natural, and organic plant and vegetable extracts. These products can be kind of pricey, but I did found them on Amazon for a bit less. But really, I would spend the money on quality, eco-friendly products, that I feel are safe for my child to play with. 

Disclaimer: Thoughts and opinions expressed about eco-kids products are purely my own. This blog receives no payment or other compensation for reviews of products and services. Unless explicitly stated, I have no affiliation or relationship with the supplier of a product being reviewed. 

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