Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday Things


(1) To celebrate National Grilled Cheese Month, Bubba and I  had some friends over to play and eat grilled cheese sandwiches. I made The Bianca, pictured above.

(1.5) Mine didn't look as pretty as those in the picture though.

(2) This Jar of Hearts wedding guest book/favor is such a cute idea! I think it could also be tweaked a little to use at a bridal shower.

(3) I love that the Jar of Hearts idea stemmed from an obsession with the song by Christina Perri, because I kinda LOVE the song too.

(4) I love this Tangram-esque fabric puzzle.

(4.5) I'd make one for Bubba, but it seems like oh so much work. One day I'll have time to make it...maybe.
(5) Have ya'll been watching Frozen Planet? I have been kind of obsessed with it every Sunday night. It is probably the only show I make sure to watch now that I haven't been able to use my TIVO for the last few months. 

(6) I wish I had seen this on naturally dyed Easter eggs before we attempted to dye them. 

(7) Tomorrow is Friday the 13th…

Happy Thursday from Bubba!

*Hubby found it funny that we were using the inflatable pool instead of swimming in our pool - ya know, the big one that takes up half of our backyard, and got solar panels last year to heat it. Yeah, I wondered the same thing. 

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