Sunday, January 8, 2012

Let's Organize It! - Bathroom Drawer

Does your bathroom drawer look something like this?

My drawer started out kind of organized. Then, Bubba started taking things out, and moving everything around, until it ended up a big jumbled mess. It actually looked worse than this a week before. 

I was going to purchase some kind of drawer organizer, but I'm kind of cheap. So I went rummaging through my house and I found these plastic containers...which is kind of odd since we use glass containers for storing most things. 

The 4 smallest containers with the jagged edges had a little toy inside, the 1 circle container once contained model magic dough, and the 2 big rectangles I think had deli meat in it - not something we ate, so I'm not really sure where they came from....kinda weird, right? Also, I had 1 medium size circle container that came with some take out one night. 

I removed everything from the drawer, and divided it amongst the containers. And still had enough room for my bigger items. 

Look at how neat that looks. The best part is that I didn't have to spend any extra money on drawer dividers  or other storage materials. Cost effective and organized...

If you are following the January Declutter Calendar, this is Day 19 and 20 (go through one bathroom drawer or cabinet). But, I did this a few weeks ago - before I ever came across the calendar. 

What are some of your DIY storage solutions? 

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