Saturday, January 7, 2012

DIY Home - Master Bedroom Makeover : Painting Day!

When you're combing through the pins on Pinterest, do you ever get that "man, my house really sucks compared to these homes" feeling? It sometimes happens to me. And since, we won't be leaving this home for one of those 4,000 square feet dream homes {yes, HGTV, I'm referring to you} anytime soon, I figured it was about time to do some updating

When we purchased our home a year and a half ago, it came freshly painted in this nice neutral tan every room (including the closets). Hubby was deployed when we moved in, so I surely was not going to tackle re-painting any rooms by myself with a little one. So we just left every room this color, which was fine at first. Now, going on 2 years later, it is time for some new paint (and a little rearranging).


Our room has turned into a dumping ground of sorts. It becomes home to Little Man's toys, books, and clothes, random papers, tools, boxes filled with junk, etc. If it was left out in the house, and didn't have a home, it probably ended up in our room at some point. 

And now it's time for all of it to go. Hubby and I are reclaiming our bedroom! {Look at me taking charge....go me, go me, go go go me}


{Like my new clothes from H&M on the bed? I totally feel hip with my new green skinny jeans}

I used Olympic ONE Paint (their new paint + primer interior paint), and the color we chose is called Secret Passage. I use Olympic for nearly everything I paint (aside from when I use spray paint), because I like that it is No VOC (ONE is low VOC)

I also rearranged the furniture; and the new layout really opens up the room. The accent color for the room will be yellow, and white - a creamy white...called mountain grey; my go to color for all of my furniture. 

Next up, curtains and duvet...and maybe hanging up my clothes! 

 Oh, and we just ordered this print to hang in the room, but with a yellow background. Can't wait for that to arrive!

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