Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Legoland Florida

Last Friday, we took a trip over to Legoland! We were blessed with some very, very inexpensive tickets, so Little Man, Pey, Mimi (my grandmother), and I headed over for the day. 

The newest addition to the Legoland family, is the biggest park of its kind in the world. The park covers 150 acres with roller coasters and other rides, models, and shows. One of Pey's favorites was the Ford Driving School, where he got to drive a Lego themed car through streets and earn his drivers license - he proudly showed it off to anyone who would look.

For older kids, I think it is a wonderful park; there is tons for them to do. However, I was disappointed in what was available for two year olds. The height requirements for most of the rides in the toddler area are a minimum of 36", and Little Man is just shy of that. 

He happend to sneak past the worker on this ride though. He went on with his two little (older) girlfriends, and  the "Model Citizen" (what the workers are called) didn't happen to notice that he wasn't quite tall enough. But they will measure you; especially if there is no one else in line to ride - we found this out the second time we went to ride on it. However, the man was very nice and let us on since he had let Little Man on earlier in the day. 

C managed to have a great time, rides or not.  He loved all of the models. Neat fact: 50 million individual Lego bricks were used to build all of the models. 

One of the coolest areas is Miniland USA, a replica of famous buildings around America.  But it is so cool; visit the Legoland website to get a sneak peak.

Miniland USA

My favorite part was the water ski show. Who would have ever thought to put Lego men on water skis?! It was too cute. And pirate themed...so of course it won my heart before I ever saw it. If you didn't already know, Legoland was the home of Cypress Gardens, which was known for (among many things) the water ski shows. I also loved how the original botanical gardens were maintained, and you are able to take a relaxing stroll through. 

It will probably be awhile before we make it back though. We will probably wait until C is 5 or 6 - old enough and tall enough to really enjoy all of the attractions. But with the AMAZING deal we got on these tickets, it was totally worth it!

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