Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Turkey Trot

The Turkey Trot, is my Moms Group's annual Thanksgiving celebration. These activities are easy to do at home with your kids as well. Most of the materials I had around my house anyway, and you may too!

Pumpkin Rolling

This was to funny. This year, we had mainly 2 and 3 year olds, as all of the older kids were in school. We lined the little ones up, 4 at a time, and they rolled their pumpkins racing each other to the finish. Of course, everyone was a winner. Older kids can use a stick or a broom to push their pumpkins. And you can, obviously make the finish line as near or far as you'd like. 

This little guy was my favorite. He thought that kicking the pumpkin was the best way to get it to the finish line. 

Head Pieces

These two kids, pictured above, are also sporting the head pieces we made. I was horrible with taking pictures yesterday, luckily a couple other moms were snapping photos. Here is what they look like up close. 

They are super simple to make. All you need is 2 strips of construction paper, a feather, and glue (I used hot glue). Staple two ends of construction paper together, and glue a feather in the center of the strip. Measure the paper around your child's head, then staple the other ends together. 

Thankful Four

I cut these fours out of thick sheets of scrapbook paper. Then we all wrote the things we are thankful "four" on them. A new and easy way to express the things we are thankful for. Some of the very humorous things the kids came up with included - crayons, macaroni and cheese, and blue (like the color).  Again, I was horrible about taking pictures of the kids doing this; so these are the ones that Hubby, C, Nonna, and I did at home. 

Other games:

 Find the Turkey - we hid a paper turkey and the kids ran around the playground looking for it.
Pin the Hat on the Turkey 
Shake Your Tail Feather - we attached a long feather to each child, and they chased each other around trying to snag each other's feather. 

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