Saturday, November 19, 2011

In The Kitchen - Tart & Tangy FroYo

Has your neighborhood experienced a recent explosion of Frozen Yogurt shops? Mine definitely has! Not that I am complaining.

My love for this delicious dessert began about 5 years ago with Caliyogurt in South Tampa. 

Since my first bite, I've been a die hard fan of the original tart & tangy (thanks to my girl Lindsey for the introduction). I could seriously eat a tub of this need for toppings. 

This recipe is super simple and easy to make.

There are only 2 ingredients:

1 tub of Greek Yogurt
1/2 cup sugar

Mix the sugar and yogurt together.

You can add (or remove) as much sugar as you'd like. The amount of sugar will change the tartness though. I found a 1/2 cup to be perfect.

Pour into your ice cream maker, and let it do it's magic for about 20 minutes (or until desired consistency is reached).

This homemade version is a bit creamier than I really like, but I totally don't mind because it tastes soooo good. 

I think that the creaminess has a lot to do with the brand of yogurt. I'm going to try it with a different brand next time (after the 2 tubs I made are gone).

I stored the FroYo in the original container, and put it it the freezer. 

Enjoy with your favorite toppings!

(P.S. It is really really good with crumbled Pepperidge Farm Cookies. Your welcome.)

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