Friday, November 25, 2011

Amy's Fresh Delivery - SBS Feature

I've been using Amy's Fresh Delivery  for about a year now.

I LOVE the ease and convenience of having fresh local produce delivered straight to my doorstep. 

Hubby thought I was crazy the first time we got a delivery. His words exactly, "Do you think we're rich or something?"

But it was totally worth it (plus I payed half the price, thanks to a voucher from a daily deal website)!

And, seriously, what's better than getting quality local produce delivered and supporting the community at the same time? 

Basket options include:
small - choose 5 fruits/veggies
mixed - receive 4 staple items + 6 fruits/veggies of your choice 
large mixed - receive 4 staple items + 11 fruits/veggies of your choice
fruit - choose 7 fruits
organic - choose 7 fruits/veggies

Use promo code Nov11, and receive $5 off of your order. 

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