Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

Rain rain go away...and don't come back for awhile. 

The rain has hijacked our weekend. But we still have been able to have lots of fun. 

Yesterday, Hubby went out on our friends boat to watch the Red Bull Flugtag. So Little Man and I were left to entertain ourselves all day. My Mom and I decided to take him to the fall festival at Horse Power For Kids. If you are local and are looking for a fun family activity...this is not it. No, I'm kidding...sort of.  

There were pony rides, a small pumpkin patch, a petting zoo, face painting, and a couple crafts and games. I thought it was a bit over priced for what was offered; but you did get a hot dog and drink with the price of admission. The games, face painting, and crafts you had to pay extra for though. In general, it was a wholesome, good time. And C was entertained for a couple hours, so that made me happy. {Side-note: Horse Power for Kids, also offers riding lessons, and trail rides for ages 6 and up.}

Last night the rain started, and just hasn't stopped. 

 Sooooo, we decided to put on our rain gear and play in it! And by "we," I mean I decked Little Man out in his Kidorable rain gear, while I stood out there getting soaked. He also has a backpack that matches, but I didn't think it was really necessary to put that on him too. Although, it would have been cute. 

And on to another great rainy day activity.... re-upholstering chairs! Wooo Hoooo! Oh, and these aren't my chairs (mine are still sitting outside calling my name, but they can wait a little while longer). Because, today, my grandmother's bar stools were more important. The one on the left is the old fabric, and the right is new. I know. I couldn't tell the difference either. But she was happy with the outcome, so that is all that matters. 

I hope you all have found awesome things to do over the weekend too!

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