Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One Is Never Enough

Today, during my moms group at church, we were talking about tips to help us moms make it through this marathon we call motherhood. One of my favorites is "laugh a lot, and enjoy your children." Now, I love my child dearly, but he can do things sometimes (like all children do) that can really irritate me. It's horrible to say out loud, but it's true....and I wouldn't be real if I didn't admit it.

Well, today was no exception. When we got home from church, I started getting lunch ready for Little Man. Of course he wanted his leftover birthday cupcakes, but we compromised (or really I talked him into) on having a mini muffin...that way I could feel better as a parent by not giving him a mountain of sugar to ingest before nap time. So, I gave him one and then made the mistake of setting the container down in front of him and walking away.

I come back to find 3 muffins with bites taken off the top. I had to make myself laugh at this, while inside I wanted to yell about wasting food (since of course after he took a bite they were no longer good enough for him). I guess one just tasted so good, he had to have a taste of the rest (because they aren't the same or anything). 

So, I hope the next time your child, or anyone for that matter, does something this ridiculous...you can just laugh a lot.

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